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Hello, im

Diego Quinteros

Informatic systems engineering student, frontend developer, gamer and cartoon lover (western and anime) based in El Salvador. I fell in love with programming when i started technical highschool and from then on i been looking to expand my knowledge to become a better programmer.

Tech stack

Here is a list of the technologies i use the most


Web developer
Ricaldone Technical Institude·Unpaid internship
February 2016-September 2016· 8 Months

Developed an informatic system in PHP to support the human resources area of the Ricaldone Technical Institude as my social hours for my high school diploma

Front-end developer
University of El Salvador·Unpaid internship
May 2021-Dicember 2021· 8 Months

Work on the development of an web application using React for the CIAN (Centro de Investigacion de Actividades Nucleares, or in english the Nuclear Activities Research Center) of the University of El Salvador.

Front-end developer
University of El Salvador·Profesional services
January 2022-Dicember 2023·2 Years

Analyst/Programmer and Mobile Programmer in the CIDES (Centro de Investigacion y Desarrollo de Software, or in english the Software Research and Development Center) of the Engineering and Architecture School of the University of El Salvador

Front-end developer
November 2022-November 2022· 1 Month

Work as Freelance Mobile Developer in charge of the UI development of a prototype for a services mobile app

Front-end developer
Nimbus S.A. de C.V.·Full time
November 2023-Currently· 8 Months

Front-end development mainly working with React and AWS.


  • Ricaldone Technical Institude, High School2014 - 2016Technical High School diploma in Informatic Systems
  • University of El Salvador, Higher Education2017 - In progressInformatic System Engineering